Group Rates are only available to Organizations and Companies that have been approved by Flippers Cinema & Arcade. Walk-In Groups that have not been approved or scheduled by the Flipper's Group Coordinator may not recieve our Group Rates and/or may be turned away due to an unavailability of space.

Minimum Group Size is (10) people and all people in your Group must participate in the same activity and/or watch the same Movie. Payment must be received at the time of your visit.

Movie Title Availability: Group Discounts and Bookings are not available for the Opening Day of a Movie Title and/or within the first (3) days of a Movie Titles Release date.

Before Booking your next visit, please read the "Group Guidelines" Document that is associated with the activity you are interested in booking for. The Documents contain important information that all visiting Companies must be aware of and are available for download on this webpage.


Once your visit has been scheduled by our Group Coordinator, a copy of the appropriate document will be

Please use the following Form to begin the process of scheduling your next visit. If you are a returning Customer: "Welcome back and we look forward to seeing you again".

Informational Downloads

Activity Consent Form - Movies.pdf

Activity Consent Form - Flippers360.pdf

Group Guidelines for Flippers Movie.pdf

Group Guidelines for Flippers360 Game Room.pdf

Group Guidelines for Flippers Coin-Op Arcade.pdf

Contact Us:

Group Coordinator #: 954-588-0579
Email Address:
Fax #: 954-981-5390
Business #: 954-981-7721
The Group Coordinator is available Monday - Friday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. (Excluding Holidays). The Group Coordinator is the only person authorized to schedule and book your visit.

General Flippers Staff and Managers may assist you in obtaining some information or forwarding your call to the proper individual but they cannot schedule your visit and may unknowingly provide you with incorrect information.

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Flippers Cinema Does Not Currently offer Birthday Party Packages or Discounts.